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NEWEST RELEASES What's New from BMP's Authors!
Rockafella Jones and the Journey Home

by Lindy Conroe

illustrations by Susanne Riette 

Book 2 of the Rockafella Jones Saga! Rockafella Jones is homesick. Since helping her friend SallyLou discover treasure on her farm (in Book 1: Rockafella Jones and the Hidden Treasure), she has been happily living there with her new animal friends Yikes (a lizard), Applesauce (a squirrel), Ceenie (a pig), and Gallop (a horse). All is going well...except for the fact that she misses her family and her fairy village on Cape Cod. It's time to go home. Attempting to do that, she will find obstacles and setbacks aplenty, and she will need kindness and support and from her old friends as well as ingenuity and help from her new ones. Together they will experience adventures that none of them could have imagined.

174p - $12.95


by Mark Bolanowski

The second book of poetry from Mark Bolanowski. Turning over each leaf, Emergence is the journey of a soul, seeking, finding, and taking comfort in itself.  Dropping its tether to the past and its weight, this soul can – and does – take flight, realizing that the only boundary beyond which travel is not possible is self-imposed.  Becoming its own rainbow, this soul begins to find and leave pots of gold everywhere.

142p - $12.95
Rainbows in Puddles
a real life story

by Mary "Corky" Treacy Thompson 

Ed Vikman and his twin Duane are men of courage and perseverance who were born during the depression. Orphaned when their mother died in childbirth and their father, a popular Lutheran minister, was killed in a car accident. The life that followed was harrowing. Ed says early in the account, "If I didn't dream I could make it, I would never even come close." How they survived those early years is documented in this story. It is a true story of endurance and love, a story filled with heartache, but humor too. It was a life spent with an aunt who despised them, a life of foster homes, and a life of near indentured servitude. Despite this, the Vikman story is not one of misery and neglect. Indeed, it is a story of triumph. When asked why the story should be told, Ed said, "I want people to understand that it's not how a person is raised, but what they do with their lives that's important. I simply want our story told.".

200p - $13.95
The Winship Affair
A Carrie Bloomfield Novel

by Phillip E. Temples

Life is about to become much more interesting for Carrie Bloomfield,an eccentric, but brilliant multidisciplinary scientist living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When a mysterious package from a deceased colleague turns up on her doorstep, she soon discovers that its secrets could lead to technologies that might revolutionize the world's energy supply. But it seems that a shadowy international corporation knows about the materials, too. They're determined to have it for themselves. And they're not about to allow the law, ethics -- or especially, a quirky scientist -- to stand in their way.

196p - $13.95

Shadow Campus

by Kathleen Kelley Reardon

Meghan Doherty, a young business professor on the eve of tenure, is found hanging and nearly dead in her Pacific Coast University office. Her brother and only living relative, Shamus, a builder by trade, must leave his small New England town to be in Los Angeles for a sister he has kept at a distance since a childhood event he can neither forgive nor forget.

280p - $14.95

     The Snowman

by George Ovitt

The Snowman brings together a collection of stories about the lives of others as Americans. The fourteen stories in this collection examine, as one character puts it, "what has happened to us," to Americans, over the past three decades. With humor, pathos, and an empathetic interest in the lives of a broad cross-section of individuals, George Ovitt looks at the ways people cope, or succumb to, the challenges of living, and dying, with dignity. 

196p - $12.95

Of Night and Light

by Michael C. Keith

Blue Mustang Press is proud to publish Michael C. Keith’s new collection of shorts stories entitled Of Night and Light. Keith’s book collects more than 40 short stories covering all manner of speculative fiction, humor, and even a bit of romance. As the title notes, there are both light and dark themes within the book, though the author readily admits he leans a bit darker at times.

The subject matter in each of the stories is diverse. A student creates a wave gun to avenge his father’s death; a GPS leads a man down the road to an unpleasant past; a boy makes tar bubbles to rescue his drowning mother; a destructive act against an ageless light bulb causes global disaster; a life altering gift from aliens goes terribly awry; a contaminated lake protects and transforms a family; and a horticulturist inadvertently grows something monstrous. It is a strange world that Keith’s book visits…and the stories are very comfortable there.

286p - $14.95

Rockafella Jones and the Hidden Treasure

by Lindy Conroe

illustrations by Susanne Riette

When a fairy named Rockafella Jones falls from a dark, storm-filled sky one night, adventures begin. Soon she meets a squirrel and a lizard, with whom she becomes fast friends. She also meets a woman named SallyLou Goldenrod who needs help solving a mystery and finding a treasure. Aided by a dirt-hating pig and an elderly horse, Rockafella and her friends pool their ingenuity and skills to help SallyLou try to save her farm...which also happens to be their home! As they learn to work together through twists and setbacks, they also learn about the happiness that comes from helping others and about the power of friendship.

108p - $10.95

Trembling in the Balance:
The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal During the Civil War

by Timothy R. Snyder

Trembling in the Balance: The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal During the Civil War is the story of a canal company's struggle to operate a significant business enterprise in one of the nation's major theatres of war. Since the C&O Canal company was located on Maryland's southern border with Virginia, it experienced much of the war firsthand. Due to the proximity of the canal to so many conflicts, large and small, this book includes a great deal of military history in great detail. The canal played a role in major battles, like Antietam and Gettysburg, and in smaller conflicts, such as Ball's Bluff and Stonewall Jackson's raids on Dam Number 5 (the dam was owned by the canal company). A fascinating account of this transportation artery during a time of great military upheaval.
364p - $22.95                                    

On Air

by Robin Stratton

During the 1980s Eric Storm was Boston’s hottest radio personality, but 20 years later he’s a full-grown beagle heavier, divorced, and out of work. Complicating matters is Ma, whose sudden deterioration frightens him. For his whole life she has loved him, shouted at him, praised him, criticized him, and driven him completely nuts, and he has done the same to her; a comfortable set of dynamics that has worked fine for almost fifty years. Unprepared for his new role as caregiver, he responds by becoming obsessed with a sexy young street musician who's probably way out of his league. Then Ma slips into a coma, and the diary she kept years ago reveals a shocking truth about the father he never met.

178p - $14.95

And Through the Trembling Air

by Michael C. Keith

A child is declared dead but her parents believe otherwise, a teenage boy is hunted for his precious body parts, a professor violates his own code of ethics for fame, an abandoned house wreaks havoc on a neighborhood family, an incinerated reptile mentors a human being, a deceased mother confronts her son to right a wrong, an elderly couple scheme to cheat the grim reaper, and a widow struggles with the weeping photograph of a girl whose death she has witnessed. These are a few of the unusual themes in this strange and compelling collection of stories by this consummate storyteller.

116p - $10.95

Francie's Fortune

by Kita Murdock

Ten-year-old Francie is looking forward to spending the summer at home in Los Angeles as she always does, hanging out at the ice cream shop and at her best friend’s pool. When her mother drops the news that Francie will instead be spending the summer with her estranged grandmother in a remote mountain town in Colorado, Francie is crushed. Little does she know that her dreaded new summer plans will change her life forever!

144p - $11.95


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A Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man:

Romping Through Paris in the 1920s

by Jerome Tuccille

A Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man is apartly satirical, partly serious homage to the men and women whom many regard as perhaps the greatest literary generation in modern times. Like other writers of his generation, the author, Jerome Tuccille grew up in the shadows of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wolfe, Faulkner and other early 20th century authors. The book is written with tongue firmly planted in cheek but also with great respect for the writers portrayed in it.

124p - $13.95

Twins of the Golden City

by Rachel Drummey

For the first seventeen years of her life, Lena knew nothing but cruelty. Held captive in a palace in the desert, Lena was taught to use her singular powers in combat so that she could eventually become the champion of her despised captor, Lord Daimonas. But when a mysterious fellow prisoner helps Lena escape, she flees to the northern country of Aurea. There she finds sanctuary among a group of men and women who have powers like Lena does. In Aurea, Lena also meets Hadrian, a boy her own age and of similar talent. Though they quickly grow very close, the diabolical plot of Lena's former captor threatens to tear them apart. In the face of tragedy and temptation, Lena and Hadrian must each decide where their allegiances will truly lie. 

232p - $12.95

Changed Through Blood

by Courtney Maxwell

A Gothic vampire tale of love that spans the world and the ages.

340p - $15.95


Forks in the Flowerpots

by Jojo Schroeder

North Brooktown is your stereotypically quaint New England village fully equipped - as if ordered from a catalog of all things New England - with lavish fall color and hard-working residents minding the details of their tidy lives. Newcomer Ella Sinclair finds that just beneath the picturesque facade, the town, like all towns, has secrets. But, in stark contrast to the color of the countryside, North Brooktown's secrets are dark. As Ella settles into her new surroundings after the painful West Coast breakup with her longtime lover, the town's secrets begin to unravel after a young girl is found brutally murdered. It is the second tragic death within a year for North Brooktown and Ella joins forces to solve the murder with a man desperate to win her affection. Forks in the Flowerpots opens the door to Ella's journey while she races to prevent another tragedy from befalling North Brooktown.

152p - $9.95


Gallo Be Thy Name

Revised Edition

by Jerome Tuccille

Published first in 2009, this book has already received several awards. The Gallos rose from abject poverty in the early 1900s to create the most successful wine company in the world, the Gallo family used hard work, strong values—and crime—to find their success. In Gallo Be Thy Name, biographer Jerome Tuccille takes readers through Prohibition and the Great Depression, following the Gallos as they ride the turbulent currents of history to triumph. But beneath the shiny steel surface of the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery swirl rumors of murder and a sweeping story of passion and power.

244p - $15.95

Train of Thought:

Daily Reflections & Recollections about Europe, Riding the Rails, Fast Food, and Underwear

....15 years after the fact.

by Tony Savageau, Walter Chalkley

Present day commentary on the journals of two travelers who took a rail trip through Europe in 1982.

212p - $12.95



Aunts & Uncles

(and Other Refugees Under the Moon)

by Eric French

Through vignettes that take you to Paris in a daydream, to a humorous spin on the landing at Jamestown, and then back to the lonely cafeterias of elementary school - French attempts to capture the run-off of our limitations in this collection of poems. From a distinct voice that blends the wistful and the absurd, often in the same poem, the reader may well come away with a broader understanding of what defines us in the swirl of modern living.

112p - $11.95

After Hours

by Mark Bolanowski

A selection of poems from rising poet Mark Bolanowski. 

108p - $11.95

Young Reader

The Wild Bunch Series Set in Mansfield, Massachusetts -- A series of stories about a group of kids who get to the bottom of some of the town's most well known mysteries. Target audience: 2nd - 5th grade.

The Mystery of the Golden Skate

by Tony Savageau

The  first book in the Wild Bunch series of mysteries. The Wild Bunch delve deep into Mansfield, Mass. history to discover what the ghostly movements of a single golden skate have to do with the demolition of an historic building.

108p - $9.95

The Mud House Mystery 

by Tony Savageau

The Wild Bunch returns in their second adventure. After solving the "Mystery of the Golden Skate" the Wild Bunch finds more mystery in this second book, "The Mud House Mystery." Set in historic Mansfield Mass. this young adult adventure series follows a group of young adventurers as they discover wild and wonderful things about thier hometown and learn the lessons of working together to solve the mysteries that confront them.

108p - $9.95

The Sawyer Diamonds Mystery 

by Tony Savageau

The Wild Bunch Return in their final adventure. They must race against time to solve the mystery of the Sawyer Diamonds or be trapped by time...forever.

108p - $9.95

The Ponies of Chincoteague Series A series of books aimed at young readers from Chincoteague pony expert and owner Kendy Allen. Each book tells a story from the life of one of these remarkable ponies.

Misty's Heart of the Storm 

by Kendy Allen

Heart of the Storm, a decendent of the famous Misty of Chincoteague. 

48p - $11.95

Misty's Black Mist and the Christmas Parade 

by Kendy Allen

Black Mist, a decendent of the famous Misty of Chincoteague, and the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team keep their heads during the annual Chincoteague Island Christmas Parade.

56p - $11.95

Chincoteague Cowboy 

by Kendy Allen

The story of rise of a remarkable pony, Chincoteague Cowboy.

52p - $11.95

The Story of a Chincoteague Pony Named Misty III

by Kendy Allen

The Great Great Granddaughter of Misty of Chincoteague, born in 2007. She carries on the tradition of her great great granddam Misty and her granddam Misty II in having a map of the US, a "requirement" to carry the Misty name. 

48p - $11.95

Ember's Story: The Misty Miracle Pony

by Kendy Allen

Misty’s September StarDust is a golden palomino pinto filly, born on September 19, 2007.  She is the daughter of Misty’s HeatWave and Chintoeague Cezanne.

This book tells the tale of her remarkable birth. Born two months premature, with no hooves to speak of and tipping the scales at just 30 lbs. (instead of the average birth weight of 60 to 100 lbs.), she was too weak to stand. The vets gave her less than a 40% chance of making it through her first day of life.

Make it she did. Against all odds. Read this uplifitng tale of an unstoppable little pony.

48p - $11.95

History Books

Fulfilling part of the company's preservation mission, BMP gets long out of print histories back into print and available to interested readers and scholars.

Every Day But Sunday

by Jennie F. Copeland

>> The definitive book on the history of Mansfield, Massachusetts. Put back in print by the Mansfield Historiacal Society.

295p - $19.95

Sharon, Massachusetts - A History

Historical Society Edition

>> An anniversary edition of the popular "red book" history of Sharon, Massachusetts.

355p - $24.95

The Nation Divided Series BMP is bringing the historical documents of the American Civil War into print with several series of books segmented into topic areas. "Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided" seeks to bring differening points of views to events and lifestyles of those on both sides of the conflict. "Serving a Nation Divided" seeks to bring regimental histories and historical recollections from both the North and South.

Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided: The Battle of South Mountain 

Reprinting narratives from participants in the Battle of South Mountain in Frederick County, Maryland during the American Civil War. Lavishly illustrated with period maps, photographs, and illustrations. Reprints items from: MILITARY REMINISCENCES OF THE CIVIL WAR by JACOB COX first published in 1900; THE LIFE, PUBLIC SERVICES AND SELECT SPEECHES OF RUTHERFORD B. HAYES by J. Q. HOWARD originally published in 1876; THREE YEARS IN THE SIXTH CORPS, A CONCISE NARRATIVE OF EVENTS IN THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, FROM 1861 TO THE CLOSE OF THE REBELLION, APRIL, 1865 by GEORGE T. STEVENS, originally published in 1866; A LIFE OF GEN. ROBERT E. LEE by JOHN ESTEN COOKE originally published in 1876; and HISTORY OF KERSHAW'S BRIGADE by D. AUGUSTUS DICKERT originally published in 1907.

108p - $10.95

Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided: Richmond to Appomattox

Collecting two books written soon after the evacuation of Richmond and the end of the Civil War at Appomattox. One account, The Falling Flag: Evacuation of Richmond, Retreat and Surrender at Appomattox, was written by Edward M. Boykin, a Confederate. The other accounts are from the Union point of view and come from the book The Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry in the Closing Scenes of the War for the Maintenance of the Union, from Richmond to Appomattox.

108p - $10.95

Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided: Volunteer for Service

Collecting two books written by those who volunteered for service during the American Civil from the North, another from the South. The books reprinted are: Adventures and Reminiscences of a Volunteer or A Drummer Boy from Maine by George T. Ulmer, Company H, 8th Maine Volunteers; and Reminiscences of a Rebel by The Rev. Wayland Fuller Dunaway, D.D., Formerly Captain of Co. I, 40th Va. Regt., Army of Northern Virginia.

124p - $10.95

Serving a Nation Divided: Eleven Days in the Militia During the War of the Rebellion being a Journal of the "Emergency" Campaign of 1862

Reprinting the book Eleven Days in the Militia During the War of the Rebellion being a Journal of the "Emergency" Campaign of 1862 by Louis Richards (writing under the name "A Militiaman" and retelling the short time Richards was in the 5th Ward Guards called up to protect Pennsylvania after Lee had marched into Frederick, Maryland and was heading north to the border. An interesting slice of history. 

48p - $7.95

Serving a Nation Divided: Rhode Island Artillery Narratives

Collecting three books detailing the actions of various batteries of the Rhode Island Artillery during the American Civil War: Reprints: Diary of Battery A, First Regiment, Rhode Island Light Artillery by Theodore Reichardt, Written in the Field; Campaign of Battery D, First Rhode Island Light Artillery, in Kentucky and East Tennessee by Ezra K. Parker, Late First Lieutenant Battery E, First Rhode, Island Light Artillery; and The Rhode Island Artillery at the First Battle of Bull Run by J. Albert Monroe, Late Lieutenant-Colonel First Rhode Island Light Artillery. Illustrations and period photos are also included in the text

162p - $12.95

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