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A List of American Civil War Books BMP Currently Offers - Easy Ordering

Home of the Brave
In Their Own Words: Immigrant Soldiers Who Received the Medal of Hornor During the Civil War

by Les Rolston

Home of the Brave—In Their Own Words: Immigrants Who Received The Medal Of Honor In The Civil War  is a collection of stories about some of the hundreds of immigrant soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. The book offers vivid descriptions of the childhoods of these men in their native lands as well as the heroic feats performed by these ordinary soldiers during wartime. The details come largely from the Medal of Honor military files of these soldiers. 

Often even more interesting than the exploits of these men is what happened to the Medal of Honor recipients after the war.  Many of the men or their widows felt abandoned by the very government they sought to preserve in their declining years. The book includes doctors' reports to the government vividly describing the toll the war took on these bodies of these heroes, but not on their spirit. The book brings to life these often unsung heroes and shows that there is more to the War Between the States than the brother-versus-brother drama we are often shown. There was a population of those from outside this country who fought and died for her during this most internal of conflicts.

206p - $12.95

Trembling in the Balance:
The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal During the Civil War

by Timothy R. Snyder

Trembling in the Balance: The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal During the Civil War is the story of a canal company's struggle to operate a significant business enterprise in one of the nation's major theaters of war. Since the C&O Canal company was located on Maryland's southern border with Virginia, it experienced much of the war firsthand. Due to the proximity of the canal to so many conflicts, large and small, this book includes a great deal of military history in great detail. The canal played a role in major battles, like Antietam and Gettysburg, and in smaller conflicts, such as Ball's Bluff and Stonewall Jackson's raids on Dam Number 5 (the dam was owned by the canal company). A facinating account of this transportation artery during a time of great military upheval.

364p - $22.95

The Nation Divided Series BMP is bringing the historical documents of the American Civil War into print with several series of books segmented into topic areas. "Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided" seeks to bring differening points of views to events and lifestyles of those on both sides of the conflict. "Serving a Nation Divided" seeks to bring regimental histories and historical recollections from both the North and South.
Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided: The Battle of South Mountain 

Reprinting narratives from participants in the Battle of South Mountain in Frederick County, Maryland during the American Civil War. Lavishly illustrated with period maps, photographs, and illustrations. Reprints items from: MILITARY REMINISCENCES OF THE CIVIL WAR by JACOB COX first published in 1900; THE LIFE, PUBLIC SERVICES AND SELECT SPEECHES OF RUTHERFORD B. HAYES by J. Q. HOWARD originally published in 1876; THREE YEARS IN THE SIXTH CORPS, A CONCISE NARRATIVE OF EVENTS IN THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, FROM 1861 TO THE CLOSE OF THE REBELLION, APRIL, 1865 by GEORGE T. STEVENS, originally published in 1866; A LIFE OF GEN. ROBERT E. LEE by JOHN ESTEN COOKE originally published in 1876; and HISTORY OF KERSHAW'S BRIGADE by D. AUGUSTUS DICKERT originally published in 1907.

108p - $10.95

Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided: Richmond to Appomattox

Collecting two books written soon after the evacuation of Richmond and the end of the Civil War at Appomattox. One account, The Falling Flag: Evacuation of Richmond, Retreat and Surrender at Appomattox, was written by Edward M. Boykin, a Confederate. The other accounts are from the Union point of view and come from the book The Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry in the Closing Scenes of the War for the Maintenance of the Union, from Richmond to Appomattox.

108p - $10.95

Historical Perspectives from a Nation Divided: Volunteer for Service

Collecting two books written by those who volunteered for service during the American Civil War...one from the North, another from the South. The books reprinted are: Adventures and Reminiscences of a Volunteer or A Drummer Boy from Maine by George T. Ulmer, Company H, 8th Maine Volunteers; and Reminiscences of a Rebel by The Rev. Wayland Fuller Dunaway, D.D., Formerly Captain of Co. I, 40th Va. Regt., Army of Northern Virginia.

124p - $10.95

Serving a Nation Divided: Eleven Days in the Militia During the War of the Rebellion being a Journal of the "Emergency" Campaign of 1862

Reprinting the book Eleven Days in the Militia During the War of the Rebellion being a Journal of the "Emergency" Campaign of 1862 by Louis Richards (writing under the name "A Militiaman" and retelling the short time Richards was in the 5th Ward Guards called up to protect Pennsylvania after Lee had marched into Frederick, Maryland and was heading north to the border. An interesting slice of history. 

48p - $7.95

Serving a Nation Divided: Rhode Island Artillery Narratives

Collecting three books detailing the actions of various batteries of the Rhode Island Artillery during the American Civil War: Reprints: Diary of Battery A, First Regiment, Rhode Island Light Artillery by Theodore Reichardt, Written in the Field; Campaign of Battery D, First Rhode Island Light Artillery, in Kentucky and East Tennessee by Ezra K. Parker, Late First Lieutenant Battery E, First Rhode, Island Light Artillery; and The Rhode Island Artillery at the First Battle of Bull Run by J. Albert Monroe, Late Lieutenant-Colonel First Rhode Island Light Artillery. Illustrations and period photos are also included in the text

162p - $12.95


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